Coach's Handbook

A comprehensive overview of team problem solving. Includes the FPS six-step model, tips on teaching, and exercises for improving team performance. 2007 Edition
Item No. FPS01 $30

Community Problem Solving Handbook

Includes examples of winning projects from the International Conference. Great reference for exploring all areas of starting service learning or a community project and how to achieve successful results. 160 pages.
Item No. FPS19 $20

The Scenario Writing Guide

Indispensable manual designed to help teachers effectively guide students in writing scenarios. Explanations of scenario writing techniques, suggested classroom activities and award-winning student work samples. 100 pages.
Item No. FPS07 $18

2008-09 Readings, Research and Resources

Summaries of hundreds of articles which look at the topics from multiple viewpoints. Includes questions for discussion, terms, definitions and a list of resources, including Web sites. A must-have in preparing for this year's topics. 168 pages.
Item No. FPS2009 $36 Book
Item No. FPS09CD $36 CD ROM